How To Lose Weight During The Pandemic – 4 Personal Tips For a Better You

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It has been a while since my last post, so first thanks for sticking with the website. Life has been turned upside down for most of us for sure.  

I have been trying to live a healthier life through this dreadful pandemic. Even with all the challenges, like being stuck at home  (especially if you work from home), people giving up their gym memberships temporarily or people depending a lot more on fast food delivery, I am happy to say there is progress to be made despite the tougher times.  

How To Lose Weight During The Pandemic

Today, I will share 4 tips that have personally worked for me as I continue to make progress with my weight loss, working towards a better me. These tips can be combined with your ongoing keto and fasting programs, to help get you over those plateaus. 

I am not a medical professional, so as I’ve stated many times, please consult your Dr. before making any dietary changes, especially if you have underlying conditions.

Many of the people in my little world have gained weight during the pandemic. In the beginning, when the pandemic started, most people began to lose weight, mainly because of the lockdown. However, as things slowly returned to “normal”, many people have rebounded, experiencing more weight gain than they lost. 

I have had better luck than most. I have been able to maintain my weight loss right up to the present day. How do I and others maintain the momentum? Here are 4 of my personal tips for a better you.


It is easy to miss the connection between a good night’s sleep and your weight loss efforts. Most people only focus on what they are eating when it comes to their weight loss. Counting calories is important, but so is counting sheep.

Therefore, getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important to losing weight. When you get good quality sleep each night, your body gets what is called restorative sleep. This is when your body burns calories.  

However, people who do not get enough quality sleep do not benefit from this restorative sleep, thus packing weight on rather than burning it off at night. If you wake up a lot during the night or don’t feel rested in the morning, you may notice some weight gain along with your tired eyes while driving. 

It is a great idea to make your sleeping quarters a comfortable place at night. Use good quality pillows, while also making sure your mattress is just right for you. 

You can also add nature or calming sounds to your sleep environment, especially if you live on a loud street. 

If you like to stream, find a great youtube channel and let the calming sounds ease you into a good night’s sleep. 

Make your bedroom a place you look forward to going to each night and let a good night’s sleep help contribute to your weight loss efforts.  



There are so many reasons drinking plenty of water is good for you. Besides helping to flush your body, drinking plenty of water also helps keep you hydrated during the day. 

However, with a couple of quick and easy changes to your diet, drinking water can also be a way to help with your weight loss.  

Many times people notice their appetite increasing. However, instead of cutting back they gradually eat bigger and bigger portions. Then, what used to be your normal portion quickly gets doubled in size, resulting in added weight. 

Thus, how do you stop eating more and more with each portion, especially if you are stressed these days or you just plain like to eat? 

Here’s a quick fix. Drink a full glass of water before each meal. This won’t help you to miraculously shed pounds overnight, but with a fuller stomach, you probably will see a return to your smaller portions. Also, try to drink more water with your meal.

Additionally, if you can cut back on soda (yes even diet soda) and replace it with water or tea, you will be giving your body a much better chance against weight gain. 

You should be smart about it though. Don’t go cold turkey. You are just setting yourself up for failure. Begin by cutting out a soda with lunch or dinner. Then taper off, until you are free from drinking soda. 

Here is an example:

One of my friends was addicted to Coke Zero, drinking 2 cans or big cups full with each meal. He was frustrated because he was trying to diet, but couldn’t lose any weight. Then he cut out soda. Not only did he begin to lose weight, but he also felt much better overall. 

Drinking more water can help your body in many ways and if you can add the water and cut out the soda, you can double your benefits.



Walking sounds rather boring and obvious, but you would be amazed at how much a good walk can help your body.

Besides the great benefits you get from exercising every day, walking also gets you out in the fresh air and sunlight. Walking can also be a calming way to lower your stress after a tough day.

Try to find a place away from the noise. Additionally, try to make your walk less boring by bringing your phone and streaming a nice peaceful website while you walk. Start out slow and increase your distance if you feel more comfortable. 

In addition, don’t hurry or worry about the time while you’re walking. It is not a race and should not be competitive or stressful in any way. 

A good walk will not only give you some regular exercise but while you are walking you will not be getting stressed out by your social media accounts or sitting in front of the TV eating. 2 birds as the saying goes, so make time for some more walking in your life.


I have an acquaintance who has gained a lot of weight during these tough times. Every time we talk on the phone, she tells me the same thing. How she is going to definitely lose weight this year. Then, the next time we talk on the phone, she is munching on chips during our conversation, which is taking place around 9:00 pm. After talking for 15 minutes, as she finishes her bag of chips, she once again professes how she’s on the road to weight loss.  

The problem is not entirely with her lack of willpower. The problem is that the chips are good. People love to eat chips and cookies, especially at night. Many of us can’t resist the temptation of the bag of chips waiting for us in the kitchen cabinet. 

You may avoid the chips for one or two nights, but you will probably eat them eventually. The fact is you don’t lose very much weight in your living room. You lose much of your weight at the grocery store.  

You are setting yourself up for failure if you buy chips, cookies, or ice cream and then expect to have power over not eating them.  You will fail. Instead, set yourself up for success. Don’t buy them. 

Replace the chips with grapes and the cookies with baby carrots or celery sticks. Additionally, skip the soda aisle and get some flavored water or tea. 

It will be hard at the beginning, like any change. However, the benefit is that you can’t eat what you don’t have in the house. Therefore, don’t bring the chips or cookies in at all. Have a better shopping strategy and lose weight at the grocery store.  

In addition to how you shop when you eat matters too. Eating after dinner, later into the evening is the worst time for your body to have a fighting chance to burn those calories off. Especially if you eat really late and then don’t sleep well. 

Therefore, along with bringing better food into your home, try to avoid eating into the evening after dinner. That may also be difficult at first. However, if you shop better and then lose your willpower some night around 9 pm, it is better to eat grapes and drink water, than chips and soda.


These 4 tips have helped me and people I know have more success in our battle to keep fit and stay healthy. 

Getting better sleep, drinking more water, walking more, and losing your weight at the grocery store with better choices, maybe the extra tips you need for a better you. 

These strategies can be used alongside your keto diet and fasting regimen to hopefully give you better results in your quest to be fit and healthy, resulting in a better you.

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